Code of conduct 2017

AGIB is a leading operator in the real estate market in Europe and manages by rental agreement an extensive surface of offices spaces in outstanding buildings in the business area of Madrid and Berlin.

AGIB has been acting in the market since 1974 and enjoys a well-funded reputation due to the quality of the services provided to top-tier clients.

AGIB is sensitive to legal compliance and responsible commercial behaviour and wishes to make explicit such endeavours by the approval of a Code of Conduct aimed at reassuring clients, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders of its commitment to such goals and purposes.


Staff and directors of AGIB must act with personal and professional integrity in a respectful manner.

All persons acting on behalf of and working for AGIB are required to meet utmost expectations of


AGIB is particularly observant of the strict prohibition of bribing government authorities and civil servant at any level or jurisdictions. Employees are not allowed to give or receive from third parties any undue payment, either in cash or in kind, outside of the ordinary corporate and social use.

AGIB sticks to a fair competition in the market and strongly instructs its staff to act accordingly.

AGIB undertakes compliance of legal provisions and regulations applicable to its activity in any jurisdiction and is committed to fulfil all requirements or conditions thereon.

AGIB pursues transparency and is willing to disclose information as legally required, but is strongly attached to respect of customers’ confidentiality.


AGIB shall not undertake or shall terminate relationships with business partners and clients involved in any kind of misconduct or malfeasance, being especially severe with corruption, bribery, money laundering or assimilated behaviours or deeds.

AGIB aims at doing business in a customer-orientated policy, permanently cooperating with clients to ensure the satisfaction of their needs.

AGIB believes in collaboration with business partners and suppliers on a win-win basis, with the purpose of setting lasting commercial relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, constantly looking for improving quality of services provided. Their appointment and selection is based on impartial and objective criteria, emphasizing adequacy, efficiency, capacity and economic conditions.


The staff of AGIB shall act in a transparent way, providing accurate, truthful and detailed information when duly required.

AGIB is committed to the highest standards of promotion of equal opportunities and respect of diversity for its entire staff, aiming at cooperating with business parties similarly committed. Thus, selection of personnel is focused on merit and capability.

A healthy and safe working environment has an essential relevance for AGIB, under a policy of zero tolerance regarding any sort of discrimination based on any kind of personal, physical or social trait or circumstance.


AGIB devotes especial attention to environment, being at the frontline of advances in intelligent, sustainable and energy-efficient construction, refurbishing and management of its buildings and rental spaces.